Custom Orders with Wanderers Workshop

* Due to high demand of CUSTOM orders, there will be periods of time where customs are CLOSED. To keep updated, follow Wanderers Workshop on Facebook/Instagram*

Custom Orders have been Wanderers Workshop bread and butter since day one. When I say custom, I truly mean it. Essentially every aspect of your potential project can be customized to you or your space. Sometimes this can be overwhelming, as options really are endless...but that's where I come in!

The process starts with you, your ideas and thoughts (along with any dimensions/colours/stains/details etc). Once I have a general idea of what you're looking for, I start the design process. It depends on the project, but more often than not, i'll be getting back to you with a handful of visuals for you to look over. This ensures we are on the same page, and allows you to see various options I have in mind for your project. Once I get your feedback, I play around with the mock-up till you are 100% happy with all aspects of the design. Last step before I get started is locking in the dimentions, and letting you know the final price.


Pricing Info

  • I am always more than happy to give a quote prior to diving into the designing process, but keep in mind this is just an estimate. I won't know the final price of your project until the design process is complete. 
  • If size is open ended for your project, after we've decided on the design, I will provide you with a list of size/ price options based on the design/detail of your specific project.
  • I will work with a budget! If I know what you're wanting to spend prior to starting the design process, i'll be sure we keep in line with your budget. Im able to make changes to size/material/detail etc. to ensure you get both a piece you love, and a price you're happy with. 
  • A deposit is required before I get started on your piece. This can be payed for prior to, or after the design is locked in. Deposits can be payed through this website by going to 'SHOP' -> 'CUSTOM ORDER DEPOSIT' 


Planning on Placing a Custom Order?

Here are some things to think about and questions I might have about your custom project. *Remember you don't need to know all the details, i'll help fill in the blanks during the design process*


  • Shape (circle/square/oval/rectangle/diamond etc.) 
  • Material (solid wood/ply wood/planks of wood/solid painted/mosaic)
  • Size (preferably in inches)
  • Frame (framed or unframed/preference on stain)


  • Verbiage (any and all details written on the sign)
  • Detail (is your design to be painted on, or 3D)
  • Colour (natural wood tones/pops of colour/matched to a room or logo)
  • Stain (does the piece need to match another stain in the home/do you have stain colour or shade in mind)
  • Elements (send along any images that will help with design/ logo/characters/figures/ etc.)